Energize Your Outdoor Space With a Fresh Garden Design

In Miami, your garden is your home’s calling card. Whether you want to have a perfectly cultivated vegetable patch or a sea of your favorite plants, you deserve the chance to make your home as unique as your sense of style. If you have one set plan or many ideas, Premier Horticulture is ready to give you a professional helping hand. With years of experience and a trained team, we’re ready to bring your garden into full bloom.

Upgrade Your Curb Appeal

What is curb appeal? It’s the indescribable quality that makes one fine home stand out from the rest on the block. A beautiful front garden filled with your favorite flowers, a rock path or even a water feature can be just what you need to make your home pop. Putting all those pieces together in a cohesive way can be difficult, but that’s why Premier Horticulture is here. Tell us your design dreams and we’ll make it happen.

Make Your Back Yard an Miami Oasis

Do you feel like you’re taking full advantage of your backyard? It’s time to have the outdoor grilling space you’ve always wanted and the fire pit too! What are some common backyard features?

  • • Rock paths
  • • Outdoor cooking
  • • Bar area
  • • Fish ponds
  • • Covered seating

What Are the Steps in a Garden Design Process?

At Premier Horticulture, we understand every client has unique taste from home décor to outdoor style. We make an effort to cater to your needs while adhering to a proven garden design process. Here are the four major steps to our method:

  • • Consultation: Our initial consultation will begin with a discussion regarding your personal design goals, your must-haves, relevant challenges and your ideal budget.
  • • Design Master Plan: Once our design team understands what you want and need, we will start putting together the design master plan. After you’ve approved the plan, we’ll move forward.
  • • Construction Plans: A construction plan is hold more relevant details for the workers involved. While the design plan helps you visualize, the construction plan includes information about construction materials, measurements and layout more like a blueprint.
  • • The Dirty Work: We’ll get our Miami team together and get to work on your garden. In no time, we’ll be ready to reveal the full potential of your garden.

Our Goals for Your Garden Space

As we’ve said, each client is different, but we always strive to meet the same high standards of customer satisfaction and excellent designs. With every project, we strive to:

  • • Cultivate gardens that’ll thrive in the natural environment of Miami
  • • Meet our client’s individual expectations, vision and needs
  • • Have a strong and pleasurable working relationship with every client
  • • Involve clients heavily in the design process with dependable communication and updates

Transform your home or commercial property with flawless and professional garden design from the landscape specialists at Premier Horticulture. Committed to beautifying the outdoor landscapes of Miami property owners for many years, our industrious professionals combine traditional garden design expertise with accomplished green space ingenuity that consistently produces exquisite results.

Beautify your Miami property and Maximize its Value

Premier Horticulture garden design specialists maximize the potential of your Miami property to reflect the true essence of any home or business. Impress friends, neighbors, clients and visitors with a garden designed to increase property values and improve curb appeal, or enhance your business image and develop a strong workplace culture. Our horticultural experts offer qualified recommendations for garden planning that truly make the most of your greenspace in the Miami region. We work closely with clients to create outdoor spaces using sustainable materials and bio-friendly techniques that will enrich as well as beautify your landscape.

A Range of Garden Designs

Whether you want to a small outdoor space dedicated to displaying an uncomplicated arrangement of flowers, plants or shrubs indigenous to the Miami region; or an intricately designed exotic personal haven that reflects an ecological wonderland, Premier Horticulture provides skilled and reliable builders, stone masons and professional landscapers to complete garden design projects according to your specifications and particular budget.

When people think of gardens they usually imagine flowers and vegetable patches divided from the grass by some sort of edging or small barrier. However, there is a far wider world of possibilities than just that. We would like to introduce you to adding hardscaping elements to your garden design as well as the surprising options provided by xeriscaping.


Hardscaping involves adding contrasting elements to the greenery of a landscape. Usually this means adding in some stone or concrete elements but there is also the possibility of using wood. A retaining wall, a stone pathway, a concrete patio, a terrace made of pavers, or a water feature are all elements of a property that fall under the definition of hardscaping.

Water features: Adding the sound of running water and a little pond is a surefire way to change your garden from ordinary to extraordinary. It gives you the possibility to attract wildlife and cools an area on hot summer days.

Retaining walls: Commonly thought of as being only to prevent erosion, a well-designed retaining wall can make all the difference for a garden. Retaining walls can be created in tiers, leaving enough space on each tier for a small garden. This effect makes a garden look much bigger as it uses the available space to its full potential.

Pathways: A stone pathway can do more than just guide foot traffic. A well-planned pathway can divide a property or it can be lined with gardens for a beautiful effect. For added color, certain low-growing plants can be placed in between stones. Give us a call so we can lay out all the possible options for you.


Xeriscaping refers to landscaping that is focused on water conservation. Using slow-growing, drought-tolerant plants, this method can also incorporate rock and sand gardens. The benefits are both environmental and monetary as very little water is needed and, in general, upkeep is a minimum after initial installation.

A xeriscape garden can create a picturesque desert scene or be alive with color, as many xeriscape plants are bright and vibrant. If you are interested in xeriscaping, we will gladly show you a range of plants that work for your property and budget.

Mix and Match

When thinking about a garden there are many factors to consider. We recommend mixing and matching traditional gardens, hardscaping and xeriscaping to create a scene that is lush but also relatively low-maintenance.

Our Gallery

We invite you to have a look at our gallery on our website. You will see some of the most impressive work we have done for our Miami clientele. We are very proud of the work we do and these photos, we believe, allow potential clients to see that we take our work very seriously. If you don’t see the project you have in mind in the gallery, please feel free to give us a call so we can tell you if we can help make your dream a reality.

Landscape Expertise

Depending on your needs, our garden design experts offer consultations to determine the precise details of each landscape Concept, layout and any structural changes to your existing Miami landscape are thoroughly reviewed in addition to choosing from a range of perennial, bulb and grass selections that may also include various trees and shrub types.

Our Garden Design Process

  1. First consultation to brainstorm style ideas and determine budget.
  2. Onsite survey and analysis of your Miami property to assess soil, drainage, ground level changes, and existing plants and flowers
  3. Layout planning that lists all structural components and planting areas
  4. Creation of detailed construction plans for planting and work schedules
  5. Onsite work begins including complete project management.
  6. Ongoing maintenance services are available upon request

Enhance Your Property

Expand your existing garden or alter the landscape of your property to create the garden area you've always dreamed of. Our Miami landscaping experts offer the practical and creative gardening solutions you are looking for.

  • Gardening Excavation Services Include
  • Ground Levelling
  • Tree Stump Removal
  • General Site Property Clearance Site And Garden Clearance
  • Landscaping Services
  • Hedge Removal
  • Earthmoving

Soil Quality Inspection for Garden Design

Premier Horticulture offers informative consultations and is available to begin laying the groundwork for the ideal garden on your business or residential property in the Miami region. Our professional landscaping team offers an initial assessment that includes soil sampling to test soil quality to ensure maximum plant growth.

For gardens that bring pleasure and instill pride in your Miami property, contact the landscaping specialists at Premier Horticulture.

Call Today for Your Consultation

Are you ready to get your Miami garden project started? Give us a quick phone call to set up your professional consultation today. We’ll also be happy to answer any questions you might have about the design process or what’s possible for your garden. Don’t hesitate to get started with your perfect garden!