Few things are more relaxing than the sound of a waterfall. Waterfalls also enhance the natural look and feel of your property by giving it the feel of a high end health spa (a place to unwind and relax). Attempting to create a waterfall yourself can be a difficult project. There are many things to consider such as, where the water access point is, can you use the natural slope of your property, how do you maintain even water flow and what architectural design best suits your yard? These considerations are very important when planning a waterfall because it not only determines how well the waterfall functions but also how long it will last. One worry is that waterfalls are difficult to maintain but that is a myth. Poorly constructed waterfalls can have problems with water flow and circulation which can create algae. A properly constructed waterfall done by Premier Horticulture requires very little maintenance. You will have to check for dead leaves to avoid water contamination but this can usually be done by hand on a regular basis. Besides creating the waterfall of your choice we also tell you all you need to do for the easy maintenance and long lasting durability of your personalized fall. Big or small, flowing into a pool, pond, or its own contained water source, single tiered or many, Premier Horticulture can create the waterfall that is best suited for your tastes and property.