Landscaping in Coral Gables

There is a noticeable difference in the curb appeal of homes that have well-manicured lawns with accents of balanced shrubbery and colorful flowers, versus those that have uneven sod and overpopulated vines snaking their way through a once successful garden. What you may not know is that those homes with the carefully designed landscaping enjoy more than the satisfaction of having an appealing yard. The benefits of taking adequate time to design and maintain your yard extend far beyond the visual charm, and at Premier Horticulture we are armed with the tools and experience to makeover your yard so you can begin to experience these advantages.

Elevated Relaxation and Entertaining

Your decision to partner with us as your trusted landscaper means you no longer have to worry about the never-ending maintenance of your yard. The physical exertion resulting from tasks like pruning, weeding, mowing, watering, and planting are now our responsibility. This allows you more time to relax in the oasis that is your yard and entertain your guests while surrounded by beautiful scenery.

Re-Connect With Nature

If you have young kids or elderly parents or family members living with you, you don’t need us at Premier Horticulture to tell you how hard and expensive it can be to find the time to take a vacation. However, investing in a professionally designed landscaping job from Premier Horticulture means that you can come home from work to a relaxing outdoor landscape that will offer you and your family a pleasant retreat during all times of year. Our landscape professionals can work wonders on the smallest or most simple piece of yard to create a place of fun and relaxation for a stay-cation to remember minus the costly travel expense.

Protect Natural Wildlife

At Premier Horticulture, all of our landscape designs are created to consider the existing natural inhabitants that live on your home’s property. So, whether it’s insects, birds or other small animals, you can rest assured that this new landscape will keep them protected and you and your family safe. Our desire to ensure that these creatures can continue to exist peacefully in your yard and live a harmonious life with you and your family is something that we take very seriously.

Enhance Your Quality of Life

Recent studies indicate that the more time spent outside, the better it is for your emotional and mental wellbeing. Spending time outdoors unwinding in a gorgeous backdrop with a book or welcoming friends and guests to your home for a drink is a great way of experiencing the great outdoors from the proximity of your home.

Design Defined Entertainment Areas

At Premier Horticulture, we know that more and more homeowners in Coral Gables are looking to bring their entertainment areas to the outdoors. During the summer, there is maybe nothing better than sitting back and enjoying some food or a glass of wine in an outdoor designated eating area. Our skilled team of design specialists can help you take your celebrations outdoors in a cozy and comfortable environment. This not only increases your entertainment options but also allows you to get increased value of your outdoor property during all times of the day or night.

Transform Unused Spaces

Whether it’s a part of your side yard that has been unused for many years and is not achieving its full potential, or a backyard that has been nothing more than a home for disused branches and broken pieces of furniture, the fact of the matter is that our skilled team of landscaping design experts can turn an underused or unused space into something far more beautiful in no time at all. Our transformative designs can add immediate and lasting value to your Coral Gables’ yard and turn an eyesore into a thing of beauty in no time at all.

Functional Design

One of the reasons we are a superior landscaping contractor in Coral Gables is because we take sufficient time to plot a proposal for your yard. We will test your soil and research which kinds of plants will grow most successfully in your environment. We take into account the design of your home and construct a plan that is complementary to the style, color, and material of your house to create something unique yet beautiful. Finally, our designs are functional to allow you the maximum use of your yard without obstructing everyday enjoyment. We’ll anticipate how additions such as pathways, fountains, and garden arrangements can be incorporated in a way that is functional and aesthetic without getting in the way or posing a safety hazard.

Increased Home Value

The way your yard is maintained can make a world of difference in the property value of your home. A well-manicured lawn and carefully planned garden areas merely scratch the surface by providing heightened visual appeal. However, should you ever choose to sell your home, having a properly working and strategically installed watering system, clearly marked pathways, and flourishing trees and flowers may be an incredible selling point for potential buyers. Environmentally friendly and appropriate landscaping can be another selling point as many homeowners are appreciative of designs that don’t require excessive maintenance and care.

Savings on Valuable Resources

As your designated landscaper, we have the tools to help you save on valuable resources like water, time, and money. A carefully designed yard will utilize nature to create solutions for tasks like watering, that are efficient and effective. We can also save you the headache and financial stress that often comes as a result of poor planning. We will help you select flowers and shrubs that will grow successfully in your yard so you aren’t overspending on plants that continue to die month after month.

The Premier Horticulture Approach to Landscaping

Premier Horticulture is one of the most renowned landscaping companies in the Coral Gables area thanks to our in-depth knowledge of our industry and plentiful experience. Over the course of many years in this business, we have refined our approach to landscaping in order to ensure clients receive landscapes that boost curb appeal, value and make their homes more functional. Continue reading to find out more about our approach to superior landscaping services.

Start With the Front Yard

When our landscaping experts are tasked with overhauling a Coral Gables home’s landscape, we always start with the front yard. The front yard is the first thing that you see driving up to your house and, as a result, it is how guests and passersby will form their first impression of your property. By starting with the front yard, we can immediately boost your home’s curb appeal.

Hardscape as Soon as Possible

Whenever you are working with a landscaper who wants to deal with the hardscaping elements of your design after they have planted the soft elements, it is fair to say that they don’t know what they are doing. It is essential to complete the hardscaping projects before any work with plants because these projects usually involve construction.

Construction, even the most minor of construction jobs, can compact your property’s soil or damage turf and plantings. With this in mind, it is important to complete the construction of any porches, sidewalks, driveways, decks, fencing or patios so that they don’t damage any of the plants.

Choosing the Right Plants

With so many different plants to choose from, picking the right ones for your landscape is a daunting task. Some plants love the morning sun while others will be killed by it. Some plants require a lot of water while others require only a couple of drops every now and then. Making sure that you have chosen plants that work for how much sun and water your landscape receives throughout any given day is essential to a gorgeous, value-boosting landscape.

Thanks to our experience creating beautiful landscapes in the Coral Gables area, Premier Horticulture’s landscaping team has extensive knowledge on the needs of the various plants and how they might function as a part of your property. All you have to do is call (305) 662-9497 to speak with a member of our team today and they will be happy to consult with you.

Planning for the Future

It pains us to say it but there are certain landscaping companies in the area that are a bit shortsighted when it comes to designing a landscape. They design and install landscapes for the present without considering how your plants’ growth will change your landscape’s esthetics over time. When you choose Premier Horticulture to manage the esthetics of your outdoors, we are always thinking ahead to how your landscape will look a few months, and even a few years down the line. Your investment in your landscape isn’t just for today and that’s something we take to heart in every single one of our jobs.

Five Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

From pruning problems to plant selection issues, the simple fact of the matter is that there are many ways you can mess up your Coral Gable yard. While it is admirable that you may want to take on landscaping jobs on your own, the reality is that landscaping isn’t easy. In fact, it can be very difficult and there are a range of easy errors to make. At Premier Horticulture, we work closely with all our residential clients to correct all these errors and help you avoid them moving forward.

With that in mind, here are five landscaping mistakes that we encounter on a very regular basis amongst homeowners in Coral Gables:

  1. Pruning your shrubs at the wrong time is one of the most common mistakes that homeowners in Coral Gables make on a regular basis. While it is a great idea to prune your shrubs, the reality is that pruning them at the wrong time could end up causing more harm than good. For instance, failing to prune a shrub such as forsythia at the correct time could remove the very buds that produce those beautiful blooms.
  2. Similar to pruning your shrubs, growing a hedge can be a great way to set your property off from your neighbor or even to partition off one portion of your landscaping from another. However, it is important that you must keep a hedge and don’t allow it to get out of hand. The fact of the matter is that individual bushes can get out of hand if left neglected for too long. So, you need to make sure that your hedges are taken care of regularly be a landscaping team you can rely on.
  3. Another big mistake that homeowners in Coral Gables make is when they girdle their trees. In general, tree girdling can involve having a wrap placed around the tree which then can become embedded in the trunk. This invasive type of vine can cause trees a lot of harm, strangling their trunks and casting excessive shade in their respective canopies.
  4. Mismatching plants when attempting to symmetrically arrange pieces of your yard’s architecture can pose many unforeseen problems for you. The reason for this is because these elements are living plants and, as such, can grow and evolve at different rates depending on their unique set of characteristics. This can mean an awful lot of extra work for you in the form of extra pruning and general maintenance.
  5. A final mistake that we encounter far too frequently in yards across Coral Gables is when homeowners use tire planters in their front yard. If you are re-designing your home’s yard for the sole intention of increasing re-sale value, then you should probably think about something a little more elegant than a tire planter as this is unlikely to do very much to increase the upscale value of your home’s exterior.

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