Landscape Design in Coral Gables

Any space, whether commercial or residential, will flourish under the green thumb of the talented horticulturists at Premier Horticulture. Transform your bland workspace into a haven of tranquility and your unkempt backyard into a private oasis. Our company takes custom landscape design, installation, and maintenance to the next level.

Partner with us to help create your piece of paradise. It all begins with a call. Reach us at (305) 662-9497 and ask to speak with one of our specialists. Then watch as your property becomes a work of art, right before your very eyes.


Book a Consultation for Your Dream Landscape Design

The sky is the limit with what your space can become. If you can dream it, we can build it. Before we begin any project, one of our specialists will meet with you on-site to map out your vision. We will do a careful assessment of your property, taking note of all the necessary measurements and any logistical limitations, like irrigation and drainage needs. We work with you to customize a landscape design that fits your taste and lifestyle, all within your timeline and budget.


Installing a Garden of Eden

Once we have the blueprint of your garden-of-Eden-to-be, then comes the fun part. Our skilled and trained team of professionals will immediately get to work on building your tropical sanctuary from the ground up. We value your time and safety, so we work around your schedule and use only the most sustainable landscaping practices. So, you can sit back and relax!

Landscape Designs That Suit Every Style and Preference

Are you looking for a particular aesthetic? Choose from our catalog of native plants, ornamental trees, flowers, and shrubbery. You’re sure to find something that suits your unique style. Our masonry experts can also provide you with a large selection of stone samples to pave the pathway of your dreams.

Ask us about our fencing products, too. How about water fountains? Yes, we have those, as well. No detail is too small or request too extravagant. We cater our landscape designs to fit the client’s personality.


Landscaping Maintenance and After-Care

Even the Mona Lisa is cleaned every once in a while. The same goes for your natural, outdoor masterpiece—maintenance is regularly required. Keep your new landscape lush, healthy, and manicured with one of our landscape management plans. Some of our maintenance services include:

  • Plant Pruning
  • Tree Trimming
  • Fertilization
  • Irrigation
  • Mulching Services
  • …and more!

Why Wait? Contact Our Landscaping Team Today

Premier Horticulture is at the forefront of custom commercial and residential horticulture in Coral Gables. Whether it be private residences, apartment buildings, office spaces, public parks, we give every client our undivided attention and commitment. We’ve even had an alligator for a client—check out our gallery to see the secure, tropical sanctuary we built for Ali the Alligator. Our before and after pictures always impress and will give you a taste of just some of the things we can do with your private or corporate space.

Our company believes your surroundings should inspire and engage you. Let us reinvigorate your property with the best nature has to offer. Contact our horticulture team today.

Premier Horticulture Makes Landscape Design in Coral Gables a Breeze

Does your outdoor space need an upgrade that makes it both attractive and functional? Premier Horticulture can help and we know just where to start!

Do You Need a Landscape Makeover?

First, what’s a landscape makeover? It’s probably exactly what you think is: an overhaul of your outdoor space. Have you looked out onto your commercial or residential land and though, “Can’t this space be so much better?” Actually, it totally can! Have you had past landscaping work before? Our professional team will go in and check out the existing structures and plans. Sometimes, a few key improvements and fresh gardening can be enough to send your space into a landscaping magazine. However, sometimes we do need to start from scratch. Don’t worry because Premier Horticulture has plenty of experience with that too! If you really just read to rip up that dry sod and replace much of the outdoor fixtures, we’ll come up with a design that truly transforms your space.

What Types of Landscaping Are There in Coral Gables?

Many types of landscaping exist and the same goes for the architects. However, even the most niche architect can fit into one or both of the following categories. The type main types of landscaping are:
  • Public Property and Commercial: These buildings can be office spaces or even apartment buildings. These are in a separate category because the spaces require different landscaping systems and the designs must abide by a different set of build codes.
  • Privately Owned and Residential Property: Personal properties aren’t under the same regulations as places of business or rental complexes. You might get a little more freedom, but our architects will make sure everything abides by local codes.

What Are the Premier Horticulture Values for Landscape Design?

We always keep in mind a few key principles as we create and implement our designs:
  • Beauty and Appeal: Of course, the physical look of the space is an important element of landscaping. The space much be inviting and serve the purpose of helping visitors relax and enjoy their time.
  • System Function: Landscape architects generally think of your space as a system and we understand your system must do its job. We don’t just add in a water feature. We think about how it will be filtered, how excess water will be drained and how that fits within the landscape’s ecosystem.
  • Interconnectivity: No design can work without each element working together to create the best space possible. We’ll make sure your design elements feel like they are meant to be in the same space.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Landscaping included sustainability before it became popular. Sustainability is two-fold as we make sure your space can thrive in the local climate and isn’t harmful to the natural environment.

Differences Between Landscape Designers and Architects

In essence, the main difference between landscape designers and landscape architects is that designers typically work on smaller residential projects while architects are often tasked with larger and often commercial projects. It is true that some landscape designers have similar or equivalent training to a landscape architect—especially if they have an undergraduate or higher degree in landscape architecture. In general, a landscape will not have a state license, which is a requirement to be an architect.

To legally call yourself a landscape architect, you need to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in landscape architecture from a university and be licensed by the state in order to design and work on landscape projects. Usually it is the case that landscape architects attend colleges accredited by the American Society of Landscape Architects and have passed the relevant exams to become licensed in this field. In generally, a landscape architect has the experience to undertake challenging tasks in both a residential and commercial setting. This includes:

  • Steep slopes
  • Retaining walls
  • Irrigation and drainage systems
  • Designing outdoor structures
  • Solving elevation problems
  • Designing or giving advice on where to place service lines, entries, driveways and parking areas.

By contrast, a significant number of landscape designers are self-taught, but many have also taken courses at college, university or at a community college level through an extension or certificate program. In essence, what this means is that you don’t simply wake up one day and start referring to yourself as a landscape designer without the prerequisite training.

Another common distinction between many landscape designers and architects is that the former group tends to work with the soft stuff like plants and grass, while architects are more likely going to be dealing with hardscapes like paths and walls! Similarly, when actual construction is needed, like wall building or electrical work, then a licensed landscape contractor will be brought in.

At Premier Horticulture, we make sure that all our clients have a direct line of contact with their landscape designers. Typically, a member of our landscape design team will show up at your home, examine your yard and lawn, take the necessary photos and get an idea of what kind of plants and garden maintenance issues you may have a preference for. From there, our designer will create a plan view drawing and plant list. As standard, our landscape designers will offer to visit local plant nurseries with you.

They will also always make suggestions as well as helping you shop for additional materials and furnishings. From there, our landscape designer will mark out a detailed plan for our landscaping contractors to begin the physical work of turning your dreams into reality. This includes tasks like excavating the existing garden and hardscape, building patios and decks as well as installing plants.

If you have any questions about any aspect of our landscaping service, then you need to call us today and let us get back to you. Trust us, we’re happy to help!

What Are the Most Amazing Trends in Landscape Design Near Me Right Now?

Living in Coral Gables and going for a Sunday drive, you’re bound to see some of the most incredible landscape design this side of the Keys. It’s inspiring what various home and business owners have done with the bounty of Florida’s natural beauty to decorate their properties. And why not? With one of the world’s most hospitable growing regions for a wide variety of tropical and exotic plants, the only limit to your landscape is the borders of your property.

Beautiful tall palms, breathtaking flowering shrubs, and stunning shade structures are just some of the beautiful landscaping elements you might see in The City Beautiful. Plus, considering every investment in your home’s landscape earns you money back in resale value when it comes time to sell, you can be confident knowing your investment with Premier Horticulture will be money well spent.

Landscape Design Ideas for Backyards in Coral Springs

The same old lush green lawn is a classic for a reason, but homeowners looking to transform their backyard environments can expect more from their landscape designers. Premier Horticulture can work with you to make the backyard of your dreams come to life. Our landscape designs push boundaries while respecting tradition, combining classic elements of Floridian life with novel accents.

Think a traditional backyard patio but covered with an elegant, brightly painted pergola, or a landscape fountain combined with terrazzo for a beautiful seaside escape. Ultimately, Premier Horticulture can make any design you dream of a reality. Why not give us a call and bounce some ideas off our landscapers’ brains?

Premier Horticulture is your top choice for any of the following residential landscaping services:

  • Landscape design, construction, and implementation
  • Hardscaping with or without water
  • Deck and patio construction
  • Shade structure, pergola, and trellis design and construction
  • Planting, gardening, weeding, watering
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Irrigation system setup
  • Fertilizer and mulch services

Is Professional Landscape Design Worth It?

Many home and business owners in Coral Springs wonder if shelling out for professional landscaping design and maintenance services are worth it. It’s never going to represent a giant portion of your monthly budget, but when funds are tight, it can seem like an unnecessary expense. Wouldn’t it just be easier—and less expensive—to do the work yourself?

When you see a beautiful landscape at your neighbor’s house or in a home and garden magazine, you’re seeing the end product, not the process. And the process of designing and completing a beautiful modern landscape is hard work. It involves, blood, sweat, and elbow grease. Maybe tears, if you’re inexperienced.

So considering you’ll earn nearly every dollar spent back in resale value, why not invest in the beauty of the home you return to every night? Save your sanity and guarantee a beautiful result by calling Premier Horticulture.

The Best Landscaping Near Me

If you’ve ever wanted to transform your home or business into a beautiful property you can be proud of, why not give Premier Horticulture a call today?

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